Monday, July 19, 2004

the weekend update, with me

hello world.
this weekend i found myself in segovia and felt too much like a tourist for my liking.  the roman aqueduct still stand there.  it was definitely still standing.  very high and very long.  we toured around the thing and up some stairs to get a view near the top of it.  quite rad.
we moved on through the city to a church near the town square.  it was basically another church.  it´s kinda to the point where if you´ve seen one, you´ve seen most.  they´re smaller than cathedrals but generally are pretty ornate, just not much variety.  from there we moved on to the town square where the cathedral is.  it was quite a sight.  so many columns rising from it.  very cool.  after that was the highlight of the day: segovia´s alcázar.  look it up on the internet.  it rocks.  wait.....
if it looks familiar, that´s because it is.  walt disney found his inspiration for FantasyLand from this structure.  the inside isn´t half bad either.  during the tour we ended up on the (if you please) back porch of the structure:
we ate lunch at a local restaurant.  it was decent.  nice steaks, ok fries, good cocacola.  i had no idea that cocacola is like liquid gold over here.  it seriously costs 2.50€ (about $3) for an 8 ounce bottle.  ridiculous.  obviously i haven´t had much coke over here, unless it´s free like it was on saturday.  anyways, we got back to toledo around 9 and the french ladies and i decided to go out and party.  at 11 i met them at there place and we started the night off with some sangría at a local street cafe.  talking about france and USA relations.  sheesh, the UN should have been there.  we had it all figured out.  iraq, bush, everything.
later we followed some local boys to a bar where i had some bailey´s and was accused of being drunk because someone bumped into me and i almost fell over.  observers missed the bumping part and only saw the falling part.  i had only had 2 drinks!  sheesh.  no love.  well, we walked a long way into new toledo after that where a kicking outdoor party was going on.  plenty of music and people dancing.  so we hit the floor.  i can´t tell you what a trip it is to boogie down with ¨hey yeah¨in spain.  when that song came on, i just started looking around and thinking about how i was in freaking europe.  it was great.  we got home around 4 and had nice sleepy time until 12 on sunday.  sunday i saw some local sights, a couple museums, a synagogue, and the cathedral for mass last night.
class is over today.  i need to buy another phone card but all the stores close around 3 here so i missed the time.  stupid.  tonight we have spanish theater night where all who wish gather to watch a movie.  should be pretty fun.
well, see you later.

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