Thursday, July 15, 2004

it´s thursday and i´m in love

mmm, not in love so much...but i could be.

the comments are much appreciated. i´m going to have to hold off my final judgement for later, but "armenonymous" is quite a conspicuous name to be posting. now, maybe this anonymous person accidentally hit a couple extra keys. i´ll give them the benefit of the doubt. or maybe they´re typing with boxing gloves on their hands. who knows.

i´ll take a quite life, a handshake, some carbon monoxide with no alarms and no surprises. please.

today school was sort of OK. pretty average. but i just noticed my hands still smell like the peach i ate at lunch. that´s good! my first professor, jaime, is a little difficult to understand, but i´m working on it. we did some ser v. estar review for what reason i´m not sure. it´s just the grammar section i suppose. there´s only so much they can go over. the second half, maria capdevilla had us discuss immigration in our countries. the class had received a paper on monday to read and be ready to discuss, but i didn´t get it until today. she assigned me to the "against immigration" side even though i think i´m in favor. so accordingly, i didn´t say a lot in class today and she wondered what was going on.

i really like the diversity of my class. there are students from: france, bulgaria, hungary, germany, letonia, russia, the united states, slovakia, and slovenia. i think that´s it. we get along like peas. and carrots i suppose. peas in a pod?

we´re going to the bars in new toledo tonight. apparently they´re the best around or something. should be pretty fun. i´ll see what i can do about the photos, evan. i forgot my USB cord today, but maybe tomorrow. bye bye.


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Anonymous said...

i'm not going to keep posting if i don't get to see any pictures. i need pictures. i mean, your stories are really good and everything, but pictures would rock.