Wednesday, July 07, 2004

good you got everything taken care of. sorry i forgot about that.

spain is going well. classes are off and running. this saturday i go to san fermin for the encierro. that´s what they call it in spain. if you want to know what that is, search on

the food here is interesting. we´ve been eating a lot of pasta at lunch. some meat as well. i´ve been taking lots of photos, so i think i´ll have plenty of explaining to do when i get back. i went to the monestary by my house today, called san juan de los reyes. it´s incredible. the nave is amazing with its vaulted ceilings and towering sculptures that run all the way up both sides and at the altar.

i´ve been hanging out with friends at night at different places around town. the wine here is alright. last night i had some tinto, which i didn´t know was the strongest wine. it was hard to get down, but i made it. pretty much everyone else i go out with drinks A LOT. they´re good people though. well, i better get home for supper. it´s about 8.30 or so here. i can´t find the colon key on this keyboard. talk to you later. tell grandma hi. i´ll try to call down there if i can get a phone card tomorrow.


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