Tuesday, July 27, 2004

back in toledo

my right foot looks like a casualty of war people.  the left is fine, but my right really took a beating in barcelona.  i´ve got a band-aided blister on my fourth toe, i stubbed my 3rd toe today, a cut on my second toe, and i broke the nail in half on my big toe.  now, it´s true that i´m new to this whole sandal wearing deal, but i really find it hard to believe this happens to everyone.  my experience must be unique, or i just don´t want to admit that i´m clumsy.  one of the two.

the last day in barcelona was really nice.  we went to an IMAX that was also a 3-D showing.  it was incredible.  IMAX is cool enough, but in 3-D it was like drinking a huge Coke after a Super Size fries.  which is awesome.  maybe my favorite part of eating food.  but i digress.

we went our seperate ways after that for some solo time.  i went to the F.C. Barcelona fútbol museum.  it was very interesting although i wish i´d have paid attention to the team for the last 20 years.  then it would have been more meaningful.  but it was cool nonetheless.  after that i took the metro down toward the sea to go to the beach.  it was pretty crowded.  lots of topless ladies around and for some reason i didn´t even think twice about it.  it didn´t bother me at all.  maybe i´m too adjusted here or something.  if i was a girl i think i would have gone topless just because: how many chances will you have to do that when no one will care!?  c´mon ladies!  spain!

after a swim in the mediterranian i layed (lain?) on the beach for a while and then headed to a café along the boardwalk.  i had some potatoes and a couple very tasty drinks.  man, they were really good.  really expensive, but really good.  low alcohol content and high flavor content. 

i called my mom after that and headed to our bus station where we were to meet to get our luggage out of the storage facility.  so we arrived and got it out and headed to the bus stop.  our bus was leaving at 10 and it was about 9:15.  so we´re good, right?  good until we find out at 9:30 that we are at the wrong bus station and need to be across town in half an hour.  now that´s a lot of time, but for riding the metro that´s about 12 stops or more.  so we went into panic mode and hailed a cab which got us there in plenty of time.  yay!  i was relieved and a half.

the ride home was OK.  it was an overnight bus so you´re supposed to sleep, but as far as i could tell many people couldn´t.  at least i couldn´t sleep well.  i listened to music most of the way.  we got into madrid at 6:30AM and ran our butts off to the bus terminal to get tickets back to toledo as early as possible.  we got on the 6:45 bus which actually left on time.  we got to toledo around 7:30 and i walked home to shower and eat breakfast before getting to school by 9.  quite a night/day.

today after school i took a nap and then went to the pool.  i finished reading Telling the Truth again at the pool.  i think i´ve read that book about 6 or 7 times now.  it´s nice when your favorite book is only 99 pages.  you can read it a lot.  tonight we´re heading out to party hearty again.  you know how we do it in spain.  well, i think i´ll keep making my way around the net.  see you later.


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Anonymous said...

hey aaron, sounds like you're having a great and full time--mission accomplished, right?!? when do you come back? add spinal tap to things we need to do when you're in town.