Tuesday, July 13, 2004

this one´s for evan.

so i forgot to mention what i did before pamplona.

we were in madrid friday night before our train left at 7 on saturday morning. we found a hostal there to stay at and the four of us (nate, laura, carla, and myself) found our room very comfortable.

that night we went to the reina sofia to see the picasso and salvador dalí exibits. i can say for certain that dalí my favorite painter after seeing his exhibit. so much color and intricacy. sometimes it was hard to believe they were paintings. anyway, the guernica by picasso was the star of the show of course. i had been wanting to see that ever since i knew i was coming to spain. it was so big. bigger than anything. way bigger than i thought. it was incredible. he painted it in a month for the world fair in the 30s. ridiculous.

later that night nate and i walked around madrid through the plaza de cibeles and the puenta de alcantra (i think it´s called). look them up on the internet for pictures. they´re awesome. what´s more, we walked throught the parque del buen retiro to see the amazing palacio de velasquez. it was so cool as the sun went down. again, look on the internet for photos. i can´t wait to come back to see the crystal palace. sweetness in madrid. anyways, that´s what we did.

today in class (which lasts from 8-1:30 with a 30 minute break at 11:30) we studied subjunctive, a tense in spanish. it was mostly review, but good review. the next section was taught by mariló. i still have to ask her if she remembers you, jeremy. i will tomorrow. we talked about stereotypes that we had for spanish people before we came here. mine was that they knew how to be suave with the ladies. others included that they didn´t like to work, that they were very respectful, that they didn´t take no for an answer if they´re pursuing a woman. mostly they are inaccurate. it was a good activity.

well, i need to return home for dinner. paco and pilar are expecting me soon. tonight i´ll hit the bars with my friends that drink way too much. but hey, they need somebody sober or else they´d get lost every night on the way home. adios!


p.s. there is another new entry below if you haven´t read this site for a couple days.


aaron said...

dear aaron, man it´s great when people post comments!

see how easy it is!

Anonymous said...

evan says...

man, you're right aaron. this is really easy. i should do it more often so you can remember all of your american friends and think of what they would do to pick up a spanish woman. in return, you could show me some new words, much like "que te joder". thanks aaron.