Friday, July 23, 2004

feliz cumpleaños

yes, last night was derrick´s birthday party here in spain. it was number 21 for him and let me tell you, it was a bang and a half.

alright, not quite a bang. but lemme hit you with some story time. we met at the plaza de zocodover (the main square in toledo) at 10:45 to prep for a crazy night with some beers. i had a coke because you all know i like to kick things off right! right? right. so i drank some coke and the group had beers. we were there until about 11:20 or so. derrick´s beer count at this point: 2. so we headed to another bar called boveda. cheap wine, cheap food. i had a couple tinto de veranos. it´s definitely my favorite drink so far. it´s tinto mixed with fanta limon or kas limon. very tasty. everyone else was taking shots of absinth at the bar. that stuff is illegal in the USA for a reason, people. it was ridiculous. derrick´s beer cout: 3. absinth shot count: 4. now, i´m not an expert by any means, but that is a TON of alcohol. seriously.

we went back across town to a dance club coyote. i danced some and then hung out around the exit from like 1:30-2:15 helping a couple drunk girls from our group get their heads back on. then at 2:45 derrick came stumbling toward the exit. he went out and i followed a couple minutes later. i saw him drunkenly amble up the road towards who knows where. so i followed him and we walked up the hill where he had some throw up time. i´ve never really been around drunk people before. at least not this drunk. so he layed there on the ground for a few minutes and then we walked back down to the club and i got him some water and napkins to wash his face off. he was so out of it. saying all kinds of random things. kinda sad.

he got home alright though. crazy night. 3 throw ups. 4 absinth shots, and probably 5 or 6 beers. happy birthday indeed.


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Anonymous said...

man, that sounds a lot like my 21st. except for the alcohol part. we need to do play pogs when you get back. yeah, maybe not pogs, but we need to hang out.