Sunday, July 25, 2004


i´m on my second night here in barcelona.

the town´s pretty cool.  the ramblas one of the main streets of the town and basically the walkway around here.  tons of little shops line the strip during the day, and street performers bring their goods at night.  from minarret dolls of the beatles playing a show, to gimnastical impossibilities, the ramblas is the place.

i´ve seen quite a lot in my two days here.  the sagrada familia, all other guadí related sights, an old castle that overlooks the port section, cathedrals, the aquarium, and the picasso museum.  there´s a lot to do and see.  my two companions this time are eric and josh.  i think they´re both from NU.  anyway, it really hasn´t been the fun time i´d expected.  when we decided to go together i knew it wasn´t going to be the greatest.  they´re both really quiet guys that don´t really talk and thus far haven´t really had opinions on what to see.  so i basically decide.  sigh.  most of my friends are either in madrid or valencia this weekend.  but i´m looking forward to a fun last week with them when we return tomorrow night.

let´s see.  i´ll be heading back to my hostel soon to take a shower.  it´s across the street from the peir section, right on the sea.  it´s basically just a few rooms with a bunch of bunks.  and way over priced, but i have to deal with it.   i won´t have a problem sleeping bad though, the days wear me out a lot.

i knew i would say this near the end anyway, so here goes.  i cannot believe it´s already almost over.  this has been the fastest month of my life i think.  it makes me a little sad.  i wish for the world i could just find a job and live here.  but with USA obligations that is an impossibility.  another thing is the friends i have made out here, particularly the two girls from france.  we´ve been together quite a bit and it´s going to be hard to see them go knowing that i will not likely see them again, or if i do not for a long while.  maybe if i save up enough money i can come back in a couple summers.  gosh i hope so, but that seems so far off right now.

see you all in a week or so.


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Anonymous said...

once the olympics was in barcelona. i think i'll leave my name off this comment. pogs rule!!!!