Wednesday, July 21, 2004


school´s been alright lately. i mean alright in a good way.

yesterday we played a little charades. very funny. today we read articles about domestic violence and gave presentations in class. also class has just been generally more fun. our class is finally gelling together. too bad we only have about a week left.

i´ve been keeping myself pretty busy lately. been seeing museums, convents, synagogues, and the swimming pool here in toledo. there´s so much to see i´m sure i won´t finish it all in a week. tonight we´re going out to eat with a professor. should be a good time.

this weekend i´m going to barcelona. i can´t wait, guys. i booked a hostel today about 3 minutes from the ramblas. hopefully i´ll get my party on there in barce. i´m really excited to see all these monuments that i´ve been reading about for so long. like coming to toledo for the first time, it was like all the pictures and all the things i´d read about were right there now instead of in a book or webpage.

i´ve been keeping up with journalling too. just about every night i write about the day´s happenings and who did what with who and how i liked it and yadda yadda yadda. i haven´t seen seinfeld forever!



Anonymous said...

"but you left out the best part!"

"i mentioned the bisque."


HopeLikeAutumn said...

i was over at the guys house (your house) a few nights ago, uhmm ... saturday and sunday nights ... and i was kinda wondering where you were the first night, but it hit me that you're not even in this country. the guys were telling me that i was the first girl over there in a long time. acually it was joan and i. ... but ya. so jana got her apartment. (our apartment ... i'm moving in late october) it's not all the far away, just on Cotner. You'll prolly be seeing a lot of Jana b/c it's going to get boring at her apartment ... and she now knows where you live. You remember Jana, right? It's hard to forget that girl.
well ... i hope i'll see you soon. i got my van, and it's been a few weeks since we've camped in it, so maybe we'll be camping about the time you get back.
and you better be taking some nice photos .. i bet it's neat there
c ya

Anonymous said...

"All right, enough! Enough! From now on, no more yada yada's. Just give me the full story."