Wednesday, July 14, 2004

so much updatings!

i´m in a computer lab. there happens to be a USB port on this computer. that´s good news for me posting some photos. we´ll see what i can do for that. maybe in a couple days i´ll post a photo or two. seriously though, they will just be teasers.

some notes... roommates: a CD i ordered should be arriving in a week. don´t let anything happen to it. also, i´m sure i received a magazine and a CD in the mail after i left. i hope they´re up in my room and not on the living room floor somewhere. also, how´s the house looking right now? clean? how has the partying been?

what else.

today in class we discussed the complexities of having children. what is good and bad about our society´s idea of raising kids. this kind of thing. i ate some beef stew, salad, and an apple with my family and they went out to get the grandkids.

jeremy: remember alejandro? he´s over here a lot. we play FIFA 2004 and he kicks my butt. he has a little brother now, Daniel.

the spanish chics are the best ever. gosh. everywhere i look there´s another gorgeous one. it´s insanity. insane. i hope i meet one and get married. seriously. one of our professors, juan, is teaching us all some spanish pickup lines that are pretty clever and funny. we´re also learning how to translate all the curse words into spanish. "que te jodan" came in handy the other day, jeremy. in pamplona, some stupid drunk ran off with my friends hat. i yelled it at him. i felt cool. am i?

welp. i got other places to go and people to see and my contacts are burning a little bit. i should go home and take them out. later.

please comment.


Anonymous said...

posting anonymously as evan....

it's really cool to hear of all of your experiences in spain. and i have to tell you that we didn't have a quake tournament yesterday, so be at peace.
this is the kind of stuff that makes me want to learn spanish. i wish i wasn't so terrible at it, or maybe i just don't really have the desire. anyways, keep the updates coming. it's fun to hear about what is happening.

ps i'd also like an hour or so of your time when you get back.

love me,

Anonymous said...

i'm jeremy. i'm not anonymous and i'm not evan as anonymous.

mierda! hijo de puta! maricon! cabron! joé!

i'm glad you like mariló--she was my favorite. when my fall group went through sevilla i went out with her to a bar. i felt cool because i was on a date with my teacher. heh. don't tell her i said that or she'll think i was some kind of stalker. and...i wasn't. really.

i miss spanish hotties. nebraska has hotties, but no spanish hotties. if you marry a spanish girl bring her sister back.

i got me recitation now!

i am jeremy and you are not.

Anonymous said...

wait. it's wrong to say nebraska doesn't have spanish hotties. i think julia is still teaching here. i should go see if she's still with that turkish loser. she's too hot.

still jeremy

Anonymous said...

where are all the pictures, aaron? i need pictures. post them. now.


Anonymous said...

I really am anonymous. Really.

Nice blog, dude. Way to go on the not getting gored somehow by a flying rubber horn cap or something.


Anonymous said...

does anyone else think this "armenonymous" seems a lot like armen? call me crazy, but i've got a theory...