Sunday, February 26, 2006


my night in cádiz was almost exactly like the first night i spent in pamplona two years ago at san fermin (running of the bulls). sadly, that night in pamplona (besides being one of the most memorable nights of my life) was one of the worst times i've ever had. thousands upon thousands of drunk people, me not wearing enough clothes, rain, and being outside all night. that was it. now, i will say that i did have much more fun in cádiz than i did sitting on a bench in pamplona for 6 hours. mostly because i got to meet TONS of people, and i got to spend time with my friends from south america. we started drinking around 5 PM. that was a little too early. but, all in all we (5 of us) plowed through 7 bottles of whiskey. i stopped after we finished the 3rd one. BUT, i did have a good time, and i think the people i met and time i spent with my friends will over shadow the poor weather in my memories of cádiz. i took 55 photos in the 24 hours we were there. ok, i'm going to reference the photo of cádiz from the previous post in these photos. all these photos are from the old city which is at the end (or head) of cádiz:

that's me and the pacific. we are on that triangle point at the tip of the old city in this photo.

this is andrés, just about the baddest fairy god mother i know of. these photos in the park are just inland from where the first picture was taken. where you see the green foliage area.

that's my roommate fabrício and reigning tree dead-lift champion of brazil.

this is our group! (l-r) cristian (ecuador), elizabeth (bolivia), cláudia (brazil), paula (ecuador), fabriício (brazil), andrés (ecuador), and me.

this is from the bell tower of the cádiz cathedral. this would be looking out to sea from...imagine the long part of cádiz is the neck. the cathedral is located on the "throat" area of this ambiguously confusing body analogy of an island.

this is the path that leads to that extension off of the island at the bottom of the photo of cádiz. or what i like to call the "alien extender mouth thingy" if we're keeping with the anatomy trend. and cause it reminds me of Alien.

these girls were really cool. they're from málaga, about as far away as sevilla is, but to the east. and i think the one next to me is the prettiest spanish girl i've met so far. dang.

these guys were hilarious. we spent the whole night here on the steps of the cathedral.

we spent most of the night (from 1-6 AM) with those four girls behind elizabeth who are in sevilla now and from mexico and south america. they were really fun.

and this is just a part of the mass that was surrounding the cathedral in the plaza. i took videos of the whole thing which i can show you all when i get back.

we caught our 9 AM bus back to sevilla and crashed like crazy people on our beds. i slept until about 6 tonight and have been doing laundry and homework since then. good weekend. comment!


jeremy said...

aaron please tell me you got the telephone number or marriage consent of the pretty spanish girl. PLEASE!!! that looks like an insane party you saw. ¡carnaval!

Anonymous said...

ah snap bro! that party looked so sweet! reminds me of 'the festival' i got to see a little bit of in brazil; the biggest difference being that i was in high school on a missions trip and didn't get to be a part of any of it. how sweet. so, are you having to speak spanish in all your conversations over there?