Monday, February 20, 2006


remember how i posted about an art exhibit i went to...oh like a week or two ago? well i went back and took some photos. seriously, the guy's stuff was even better than i remembered. the theme was the individual man lost in the mass of globalized humanity, conformity of thought, etc. here's a few samples:

those are just a few...a FEW of the paintings by José Pedro Robles. the exhibit is called "Silencios y Soledades" which, if you apply yourself, i'm sure you can tell what it means. anyway, i got to meet the man cause he was at the exhibit on saturday. he was super nice and i was really glad i got to meet him. i don't know. it's cool to meet people that make good things like that. and i'm sure they appreciate all the people that want to talk to them.

i went to mass on sunday which was really good. i'll probably start going more often especially if more people start coming.


jeremy said...

them's some good paintins! i reckon they's just mighty fine!

Bryan Marine said...

Hey, those painting are great. I really like the first one. It has been a couple weeks since I read about your adventures so I was catching up. I hope your having fun. Talk to you soon.