Friday, February 24, 2006

what's going on

there hasn't been much this week. just some school time and homework time. i did start guitar lessons yesterday and am excited to learn to use my fingers to play the guitar instead of the pick i'm used to. first lessons are all finger exercises to learn the coordination that is necessary to pluck all the strings accurately. so i'm practicing that right now.

this weekend seven of us are going to cádiz for the carnival. cádiz is down on the southwest coast in this photo, just south of sevilla where i am. so it's only like a 2 hour bus ride at most.

this is cádiz:

it's a city about as old as anything, and was a major commercial port for the Phoenicians back in...oh say, 800 B.C. well, the carnival is legendary. it's considerred the largest festival in europe by most, and costumes for all attendees are mandatory. now, what should i go as...

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