Monday, February 06, 2006


quite an eventful one this time around. we (Fabrício, myself, the ecuadorians, Victor the cuban, Marcello the mexican) went out on friday to the clubs. it was a much better time than the last time we went out. mostly because Kool was a much better club for watching people dance than Azúcar de Cuba. not knowing merengue, samba, salsa, or any other dance, i take my place by the bar and watch. luckily, fabricio is the same way so we just hang out together. Kool has two levels: the lower level is more american music, techno beats, and popular songs mixed from all the decades. but the upper level is the place to see the dance. here's what it looked like:

that's Cristian dancing next to the bar.

and this is the dance floor.

this guy in the middle wearing the hat was amazing. here he is teaching some people a special dance. i could have watched him for hours. he had a very unique mix of sevilla's classic and michael jackson's snap-legged style. loved it.

after Kool closed around 6 am we marched on to another place and had some beers. we crossed a bridge near the CruzCampo building. Cruzcampo is like budweiser in the US. it's your standard beer. here, you can see the group on the bridge with the building behind us.

it's (from left to right) Fabrício, Andrés, Marcello, and Cristian.

we spent about an hour at that bar and then it was about time for the first bus of the morning to pass by. so we walked back to the center of town and we all went home to our residences via the bus. i got to sleep for about 3.5 hours before i got up at 11 to go meet my friend bobby. she and i were going to this art exhibit that is free on saturdays from 11 to 3. turns actually closed at 2 right when we got there, so the guy let us see it for a few minutes. it was SO cool. i can't explain. the guy's colors were incredible. so sharp and true. i was very impressed. i'm going to have to go back and take some photos next weekend for sure. i went to the fútbol match last night with fabrício and the ecuadorians. it was super fun, and i promise i'll blog about it tomorrow. ok!

hope yours was just as exciting!


R-men said...

Yeah, predictably my weekend was nowhere near as exciting. :) Sorry I missed your call the other day!

Anonymous said...

man, i can hardly believe everything you're getting to see and do. the pictures are pure sweetness. at the moment, i am living in spain vicariously through you.


Anonymous said...

i crossed that bridge by the cruz campo building EVERY day on the way to school! My school, accento, was just by mcdonalds on teh other side of the bridge. hey, where is this discotecca Kool? I never went there! sounds awesome! i think it's new.