Sunday, February 12, 2006

córdoba, spain

that's where i went yesterday. it's a decent sized town, a little bigger than lincoln. there was a motley cr(üe)(ew) of eight of us going. my roommate Fabrício, the two Ecuadorians, Cláudia, their classmate Paco, and our neighbors Melissa and Jade from Mexico. the first 5 took Paco's car there, while Jade, Melissa, and i rode the bus. we left Sevilla at 9 am and got to Córdoba at 10:30. unfortunately, the others weren't sure when they were going to leave, so we ended up waiting at the bus station until 12 before we left to go find some food and see sites.

i ate some flamenquín. it's this long log of meat that they deep fry. it was really good. then we went to the famed mezquita. it was rather expensive at €8, but as soon as we walked inside we forgot about that:

those four photos are from the mosque section, constructed by islamic kings during the 8th-12th centuries C.E.

and these photos are from the cathedral part of the mezquita that the conquerings christians "christianized" with their art work and holy relics. well, i would've converted. after that we went to córdoba's alcázar which has a really great section of gardens as well. i think i will hold off on those photos for a couple days. let you soak in the mezquita for a little bit. much love.

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