Tuesday, February 14, 2006

córdoba, spain (part deux)

so this is the rest of the córdoba trip. the royal alcázar and it's extremely royal gardens:

below you will see two pictures of the same bell tower with a lot of stuff inbetween. like foutains, giant walls, and other stuff.

and these would be photos of the garden, um, shrubs? tree-shrubs? shrub-cones?

and these next two are of these statues that i really liked. the second one here is one of my favorite pics of the trip so far. the sky is so blue behind them it looks like they're coming to life. it's also my current desktop background. fun fact!

so that was córdoba. today i went and signed up for spanish guitar lessons, which i'm very juiced about. just gotta go buy a guitar now... tonight fabrício and i are hosting a valentine's dinner with the mexican girls next door and bobby. that should be fun. i gotta start cleaning! here's one for the road. this fountain was really pissing me off.


Anonymous said...

simply beautiful. i feel like god might be calling me to Spain, too.
- A.Loy

Anonymous said...

Those are some pretty sweet pics, man. I can't wait to go to spain in a few years. We're all praying for ya.

-Dave H.