Thursday, March 02, 2006

this week is AWESOME!

ok, awesome is not the right word. more like less exciting than the others have been. we had a day off school on tuesday so that was nice. and i have tomorrow (friday) off like usual so i'm going to go run around the city and see a lot of things i haven't seen yet. not sure what exactly, but i'll put up some pictures later. fabrício and cláudia (the brazilians) left for barcelona this weekend until monday so i'm here without a roommate. but, i do have lots of homework to do this weekend. i've got two tests to study for and two papers to write. so i'll keep myself busy, don't worry!

here's what i'll be doing most of the weekend when i'm not reading books or running around the city.


Emily said...

hey. so, we never really talked while you were in town ( well, at least since we were 8).
anyhow, i read your blog occasionally and i just thought i would say "hey." it's fun to read about your excursions.
i hope you have a decent weekend even without your friends in town!

jeremy said...

i like thinking about you setting up your camera, the timer, the angle, and then sitting down at your computer and looking busy for the photo. haha!

oh, study abroad. oh, transatlantic transequatorial blogging!