Monday, March 06, 2006

srvrllr, thr wrrkrnd

r hrd r prttr grrd wrrkrnd. r drd r lrt rf hrmwrk hr rt thr drms. rnd rn frrdr r wrnt tr thr crtr rnd wrnt tr thrs rrllr rld hrsprtrl frm thr 15th crntrr. rt wrs crrl, hr r srm phrtrs rf rt.

i promise a normal english post later.


jeremy said...

drng drd! srnds lrk yr hrvrng r grt trm! r wrs rt r hrsprtrl trdr tr! wrd, hr?

Anonymous said...

i talk like that and spell like that when i'm hungover. or, not that i've ever been hung over, but that's what people have told me it's kind of like. what? sweet pics.

i forgot to tell you to tell your brazilian buddy i was in fortaleza during the 'carnivAl'...haha ah yea. so sweet. people drive around with these huge speakers propped up in the back of trucks and this parade of cars just follow them everywhere until they stop wherever and turn it into a mini dance party. then they go to the next place. haha. it was so awesome!


Anonymous said...

grd tr herr frm yr chrmbrs. drnt frk tr frnk!!


chad said...

hey - mercedes dice hola. las margs fueron muy buenos. adios.