Monday, March 13, 2006

birthday partay

it was andrés' birthday on friday. they actually celebrate those in foreign countries too! here's what we did:

let's revisit andrés' perrenial coolness from the cádiz post:

and now i present exhibit B:

the dude is bad. i'm sure james dean is proud of him somewhere.

can't have a birthday party without a little dancing. right? right.

i found this hat and we all revisited our cádiz disguises for a litte bit.

all he's missing here is a fag. then he'd be don juan for sure. school is back in full swing this week. i should have some visitors at the end of the week. a friend and his little sister are coming to visit their other sister who is studying in málaga (100 miles or so southeast of me). so we'll be hosting brandon and brooke black when they come to sevilla on thursday. should be fun. ok, later!


Anonymous said...

i never knew you could use a guitar as a cigarette-holder. i'll have to get one now.


jeremy said...

chad is clearly lacking in 80's hair metal knowledge. but what can you expect from a brad paisley fan?