Tuesday, March 28, 2006

more adventures

well that post was sure a winner! one comment (thanks jeremy)! guess most people don't appreciate castles, or nobody reads this.

well, after all that madness we walked around for another while, ending up down where i took the night photos of the cathedral. then we followed the old city wall around the city to end up at the sea.

so that was cool. then we found some more old buildings that were assumedly part of the ancient city wall around the city. from like the 11th century. in this picture you can see brandon standing at the top and me running up the steps cause i set it on the timer.

after that we went walking around down through the city and we came upon a bar that had some cool music playing inside, so we went in and had something to drink. after talking to the bartender we found out that the two arches in the the bar were actually the gates to enter the city in the 900s when the city was much smaller. wow. that only added to our "holy crap things are old and awesome here!" binge.

so that was basically the end of our night. we went home around 2:30 and slept and then got up and didn't go to morocco cause of the cancelled ferries. so i went home. and that was the weekend. i did a lot of stuff this last weekend too, which i will post later.


Anonymous said...

sweet pics. sweet place. i think arches are really cool. especially arches that are over 1000 years old. especially when they're in bars.

when do we get some ge placemarks of spain?


jeremy said...

tarifa 9 (the timer photo with you running) is currently winning best photo so far. just so you know.

Dustin Dahlberg said...

yeah that photo is awesome, I love it