Friday, January 20, 2006

well i made it

i'm here in my dorm room with my roommate Fabrício from Brazil. he's been very good to me, showing me around the place and stuff. right now we're plugging away at our laptops. the trip here was long and very tiring but i'm glad that i can actually settle down in a place and not have to pack up my bags again the next day to go somewhere else.

paris was really nice. here's some pictures of it.

the first one is me in front of the notre dame cathedral in paris. the second one is the louvre museum. the third one is some tower (maybe a telephone tower or something), but it looked really cool. so then i proceeded to fly out of paris to madrid where i stayed last night. then i took a train today to sevilla.

i had a little trouble finding the right bus to my university, but a helpful man showed me the way. thank you, man! then there was some trouble with my room and my class schedule, but everything should work itself out on monday. i made friends with the lady that monitors the desk downstairs because i sat with her for about 2 hours while things got sorted out. we talked about all kinds of things. she was really nice and helpful.

anyway, i think that's all for tonight. count on updates as often as i can type them.


renee said...

I'm looking forward to living vicariosly through your experience! Glad to hear things are going well so far! Loved the photos! study hard and live it up!

Anonymous said...

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