Thursday, January 19, 2006


i am in madrid tonight at Los Amigos hostel. i stayed at this place in 2004 for a few days but tonight i´m just passing through. Paris was great, are you surprised? i spent one whole day sight seeing. i saw the louvre, the seine, eiffel tower, the notre dame, the arch de triomphe, roland garros, and lots of lovely french girls. seriously, they were everywhere.

marie´s grandparents were very good to me during my stay. i had more food than i could eat. plenty of cheese and wine. too much sometimes... tomorrow i´m taking a train to Sevilla where i will spend the semester. i would appreciate any comments. i don´t know who is reading this otherwise.

bye bye.


Anonymous said...

yay! aaron's posting! hey aaron, i'm reading. i check every day for an update. glad you're doing well.


Celeste said...

Hey there,

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BTW I have a bunch of friends who are in Sevilla for the semester as well


Anonymous said...

good to hear from ya man. keep the posts coming.


Anonymous said...

good to hear from you man. keep the posts coming.