Monday, January 30, 2006

january 30th

oh man. the weekend was really a complete failure. i tried to do things. i tried i really tried. ok, so it wasn't a failure. it was just a let down for being in spain. i went out with my intercambio partner José on saturday night. he was super nice and helped me learn a lot of new words and frases that will help me not sound like such a formal spanish speaker. but then...he started talking about how he has so much sex all the time with all these girls...and about the american girls that he's known in that way...over and over, almost every other comment was directed toward how many girls, yadda, yadda... i began to wonder what my obligation was:

do i just laugh along with him and pretend like that's fine so as to not seem like an ignorant and offended american? i know the culture is much more open and active with such things. and i don't want to disrespect the culture, that would be a mistake. but how do i tell him that i don't think that's the greatest thing ever without losing that friendship. i don't know.

so that night i went over to bobby's who was planning on partying with some of her spanish friends. we ended up sitting around in her appartment for almost 5 hours until about 2:30 AM when we finally got up and decided to go somewhere. bad thing is it was raining and really cold. probably 40 degrees. all i had was a t-shirt and my jacket. so we set off to find this guy's house, but there were no taxis at all! there are usually dozens of them. so we walked...for about 45 minutes...across sevilla to find this guys place and eventually got there completely drenched just as everyone was heading home. we took a cab back to her place and fell asleep on the couches. what a terrible attempt at being social! our inertia was so strong that it kept us on those couches watching "casino" in spanish until 2:30 and then we didn't even get to the party we had planned to go to. oh well, at least that gave me somthing to post on here.

sorry i didn't take any photos. peace.

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