Thursday, January 26, 2006


school. it started yesterday here. there's some things i found out about it that i wasn't aware of. we don't have classes on fridays. ok, just in case you missed that: we...don't...have...classes...on...fridays...!! i go to three classes monday/wednesday and two on tuesday/thursday. most of the classes are going to be good. i'm especially excited about my women and literature class, my contemporary spanish lit class, and my andalucĂ­an history class. those are the ones in spanish. the others are in english - international marketing, and global economics. i'm not too sure how i feel about those. i really don't like that they're in english. but whatever.

yesterday was fun. i went into the city and hung out with my friend bobby from DC. she's pretty cool. we had some tapas and some wines. then when i got back it was party time on the balcony.

so that was fun. just hanging out. being goofy, saying spanish cuss words cause they don't seem bad to any of us (funny how that works). all in all, they all drank too much and were really loud. some of our dorm neighbors came out on their balcony to tell us to be quieter. we didn't get quieter, we just moved the party inside...and got louder. which probably didn't do anything. it really doesn't feel like i'm in school right now, and it probably won't until i start taking tests and giving presentations. oh well, i'll leave you with this. it's a type of tree i've never seen. i was trying to do my most emo pose ever.

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