Wednesday, June 07, 2006

too much to cover

the last few days have gone by pretty fast, but i'll try to bring you up to speed. i left belgium two days ago, seems like a lot longer than that. but it's not. my time in berlin has been nice so far. last night i had some great indian cuisine, and today i had a couple bratwursts (which were not-surprisingly amazing). here's some photos of the flaming lips concert and my friends Dan and Jane that i met in Gent.

that's all from belgium. on to germany where i found this crazy mural drawn on the side of a building:

i also went to checkpoint charlie today and the museum there. it was very interesting. there are parts of the old wall scattered around berlin. sometimes you just stumble accross them.

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chad said...

crazy - i was at checkpoint charlie 6 months ago to the day, if i remember correctly. i remember being kind of creeped out by it. we didn't get there until pretty late, and we were really hungry and tired, and we didn't really know anything about where we were (by we, i mean mitchell and i). and then we got minorly misplaced at the underground stop that had, like, 7 exits and we went up the wrong one and couldn't find our bus stop. but, despite our rocky start, i loved berlin. i'm a smidge jealous. no, a lot jealous.