Saturday, June 10, 2006

an evening of football

the world cup started yesterday. and seeing as i'm in germany and the cup is also in germany i see little reason why i should not take advantage of this fact and join in the festivities. yesterday a group of us from the hostel i'm at in berlin went down to the Tiergarten park here in berlin where there were multiple big screens (think 30-foot screens) set up for free viewing to the people of berlin. there was an estimated 200,000 people there in the park. it was cahraazee fun.

your looking at the view at the screen in front of us and those behind at the other screens.

and here we are pre-game and mid-match. we were me and another USA girl, one irish guy, an aussie guy, two mexican girls, and two canadian girls.

self absorbed? maybe. but that's a photo i found on the internet of me at the flaming lips concert last week. i'm here in berlin until the 14th and then i'm heading south to stuttgart where my friend jonas is waiting to hang out with me and watch lots of football. as if i haven't watched enough. three games today. basically here's my days in berlin:
get up at 11 or so.
get some pastry from the bakery down the street.
eat that pastry.
watch the first match at 3.
eat a kebap at any one of the million kebap spots.
watch the match at 6 and take a nap.
watch the match at 9.
hang out and maybe get some food.
go to bed.


Anonymous said...

We wondered if you'd be getting in on the World Cup. It sounds good, but what is a kebap? Don't forget the French Open: Federer v. Nadal tomorrow.

jeremy said...

aaron, you are living the dream. sounds like you're having a blast out there, so keep it up!

i pull anchor here in about a week--let's chat at least once before i go!

jeremy said...

oh yeah, and hooray for mexican girls. just, hooray!

evan said...

aaron, you are my most awesome lover. that picture of you at the flaming lips concerto is totally awesome. i'm awesome too sometimes.


jeremy said...

i want more aaron! aaron, come to your blog and post us an update!