Wednesday, June 28, 2006


i've been in barcelona for 2.5 days now after leaving switzerland on saturday and taking a few trains to get down to spain again. i'm ready for a relaxing last two weeks here in the euro capital of chill. today i went to the beach for a couple hours. read a book, listened to some music, and basically enjoyed not doing much. no site-seeing, no travelling, no hostel booking. just sun 'n' sand.

switzerland was one of the better pure 'places' that i went to. i've been to a lot of cool places, but the people i meet tend to either make it super fun or mediocre. in switzerland i didn't need to meet anybody. i had the mountains to occupy me. and the did for the two full days i spent there. i went hiking the Schynige Platte hike on the southern boarder of the range on my first day and absolutely loved it. here's some photos:

i'm getting psyched for my upcoming hike checking out the view.

interlaken (where i stayed) is down there below the clouds somewhere. you can see the trail leading off in front of me along the ridge.

the peaks in this photo are all part of the hike i was on.

post lunch, and i'm still doing fine as my thumb tells you. being above the clouds is cool.

unfortunately the rest of the hike was below them. which still provided coolness, just not the old kind of coolness.

my camera timer is a gem and the only way i take pictures of myself.

all in all i had a wonderful time in the alps. from the spanish bar and friends i met there in z├╝rich, to watching the swiss win their world cup group and the madness that poured out onto the streets. the country may be more expensive than others in europe, but i'm not complaining. i got my $ worth.

two weeks til i see most of you again!


donnal said...

oh, Aaron--the pictures are awesome! I want to take that hike right across those peaks . . . I'm so glad YOU did!

Anonymous said...

i love the pics. what a sweet way to wrap up your trip. interlaken is the bomb-diggity - been there, got the coffee mug. your pics sure make me miss it. see you soon bro. travel safe.