Monday, May 29, 2006

tennis. or in french: tenis

i saw me some tennis yesterday. i dont have much to say mostly because this french keyboard is difficult to type on and i need to go to sleep so my hosts will as well.

i did, however see parts of these matches: tommy robredo (spanish), maria sharapova (russian AND HOW), tim henman (england`s man), david nalbandian (argentine), carlos moya (spanish). so the spanish flag i bought came in handy as i waved it and basically made everyone ask themselves if i was in fact spanish.

two more days of paris sites and then its off to brussels in a place they call belgium.

au revoir!


jeremy said...

mmm...french open. excellent. sounds like fun. belgium...even better. all food is good there, but if at all possible, PLEASE go to brugges and eat their fries and the chocolate found at the edge of the plaza: chocolatier madame dumond. it's good. so good.

erica said...


Anonymous said...

i agree with j-town. bruges and chocolate=delightful. [in thick french accent]: how do you say "jalouse" en eeeeengleesh?

evan said...

hand me a nine and i'll defeat foes.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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