Sunday, May 07, 2006

how many roads...?

Lagos, Portugal was my destination this weekend. i went on friday morning with a company called "discover sevilla" that offers excursions for students. the trip/hotel/misc benefits cost me 100 bucks, which was nice for a whole weekend. lagos is notoriously the postcard photo capital of portugal because of its ridiculous beaches and rocky cliffs. the pictures below are not postcards that i set on the ground to take pictures of, but rather whatever i happened to walk by during my days at lagos. roll the clips!

these first two pictures from the edge of our hotel's parking lot. first, a secluded beach that i never did find the route to (unless swimming out around the cliffs). and second, the Playa Doña Ana. cookie cut for postcards.

here's the beach i spent friday and some of saturday at: the Playa Camilo. it is less crowded than the other ones because it took a little bit of walking to get to. i spent my time laying in the sun for a few hours, reading books or trying to not count the abundant topless sunbathers.

this is a little niche i found while hiking around the cliffs. it was really impressive the deeper i climbed, as you can see in photo number dos. there were fishermen going in and out of these rocks. i guess the fish like the views too.

here's a little street in lagos. it's a typical nice little mediterranean town. white houses, stoney streets, and lots of restaurants.

it just occured to me that "aaron and the end of the world" sounds like a good children's book title. well, where i'm standing was literally the end of the world up until about 500 years ago. the southwestern tip of europe. and the last sight columbus saw before he found the greatest nation the world has ever known. the sunset was nice too.

ok, well i've got two more weeks here in sevilla before i hit the road. it's time for paper writing and final studying. which i should be used to at this point. so, wish me luck! see you in a couple months.


jeremy said...

that place looks amazing. i want to go. excellent tom techmeyer quote.

Anonymous said...

Cue Team America theme song...

Where are you going "on the road"?


Anonymous said...

i still don't believe you that those weren't post cards you were shooting. unreal. and 100 bucks for a weekend in paradise? i think my bar tab would have far exceeded my lodging expenses.
p.s. where are the photos of the sunbathers?


Anonymous said...

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