Saturday, May 13, 2006

final countdown

there are several things i could count down today. let's start with the soonest thing which is leaving sevilla. that countdown has 9 days left on it.

the next countdown would be until the beginning of the french open. that one is 15 days away.

the next one is until the flaming lips concert i'm going to see in belgium. countdown shows 24 days.

next countdown is to the beginning of the world cup. that one's got 27 days left.

then i guess my last countdown would be until going home, cause there's not really any other major dates besides those. 60 days until i fly home.

it's finals week right now, so i'm spending a lot of time in the dorm or at the library studying for the tests/presentations. i really need to take some time out today and get some more hostels reserved in rome, brussels, zurich, and barcelona. this week i thought a lot about my upcoming travels. it's going to be really fun and i stopped worrying about all the problems that could happen and just think about the adventure that i'm going to have. so, that's nice.

that's all i got. here's a few pictures. i went to a flamenco show the other day where my guitar professor ruben was playing:

there's ruben on the left.


jeremy said...

so many good things coming up. huzzah! there's an entire ocean between us, but i'm going to miss keeping up with you via interweb. let's meet up again sometime august-september!

oh, i was going to ask you a favor. i've always wished i'd bought one of those stupid red tshirts with the bull on them when i was there. if you have the money available to you and can manage it, i'd be super happy to get one and would pay you back.

have a great travel time!

Anonymous said...

Cool pictures especially of Portugal. I guess I'm posting this in the wrong place. Oh, well...

jeremy said...

um...a medium? unless they look small to you. thanks, man!!!

evan said...

but still, where did the lighter fluid come from?

nas said...

I used to watch "C.H.I.P.S." now I load glock clips

Donnal said...

Hey Aaron!!! Thanks for the MD greeting! Made my day :)

and so does your blogsite--love the updates

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