Sunday, April 02, 2006

sevilla v. zenit

fabrício's last night here went perfectly. we rolled into the sánchez pizjuan stadium at about eight on thursday and the match was scheduled for nine. so we had an hour to enjoy the stadium filling up, the perfect sevilla night at 60 degrees, and the nice view of the zenit fans fighting the security guards. it got pretty intense for a few minutes. i read in the paper today that 15 russians (zenit is from st. petersburg) were detained and 9 security guards received medical attention - one of which had a broken jaw! yikes.

let's cut to the chase, though: sevilla killed them 4-1. now, it would be important to know that this is the quarter finals of the UEFA Cup, so no match is easy by any stretch. these are some of the best clubs in europe. so that makes it even more impressive.

this is fabrício and i pre-game getting pumped.

this banner dropped down and almost made me cry! "más que mi corazón me late tu escudo" is "your shield beats more for me than my heart" and was a really special thing to see as the team was coming out of the locker room. this is actually the clubs centennial season - it was started in 1905.

here's the team celebrating martí's goal off a penalty kick. it was 2-1 then.

here's some sweet in-game action.

you should download these video files. they may take a little bit (16 MB and 9 MB respectively) but it will be worth it.
here's a link to the celebration after goal number 3:
here's a link to fabrício's post-game video analysis:

so it was a great night. and here's a hilarious story from after the game: we're sitting on a bench and this very sad russian man walks up to us with an inquisitive look on his face, leans down close to us, and says as clearly as he could "Vodka". as if asking which direction he could get some, we explained with spanish that he couldn't understand and pointed the direction to a bar. then he walked off. the only russian i've ever talked to in my life said one word to me - "vodka". it's no longer a stereotype, it's a fact. the end.


Harms said...

sorry it's been awhile. I had to take my sunday afternoon to do some aaronwk catching up. crazy times with you and brandon. it made me very jealous. i have been longing for adventure for some time now. i must only live vicariously through you, so thanks. i've been wondering about those russians myself. thank you for clearing up the rumors and helping me see the truth. hope all is well. prayin for ya. talk to ya soon.

jeremy said...

the vodka story (and your conclusion) is classic, classic stuff. it's funny, the game i saw in that stadium was almost the same scoreline: 4-0, over real madrid. but the weather at my game wasn't as nice.

anyway, keep it coming--you take me to spain a little every time you post a new blog.

Anonymous said...

hey dude,
i'm really enjoying your pictures and entertaining recollections of events that i can only imagine are really cool. keep it up.


[ kuhns ] said...

Aaron. haha. i love the videos. i watched the second video about 12 times trying to hear what he says. i have been doing bad at that lately. sadly. well its good to see whats going on. keep postin

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha lol. that is one of the funniest stories i've ever read...